Empower Your Teams with Kontrola Dostępu Solutions

Kontrola dostępu is essential for sound management in a company or a business, it is about having the control of input and output of employees to improve productivity, with scheduling, access groups, allowed zones/ Restricted and the certainty of an increase in the productivity of the company.

The access control module gives you the ability to configure and manage the system from any standard web browser, from the corporate network or over the Internet. The information is generated in real time and without any additional hardware or software installations. On the other hand, all communication data between the personnel Kontrola dostępu system and the network are encrypted to provide additional security to the users.​

Depending on the needs and requirements of each personnel Kontrola dostępu system, you can adapt the configuration and automatically calculate the hours worked by each employee during the whole month, or in the period in which the payroll payment is made. This translates into an increase in the punctuality of the employees and in a greater productivity for the company.​

  • Greatr punctuality and compliance of all staff
  • Decrease in unproductive hours
  • Automatic calculation of payroll according to actual hours worked
  • Enhanced enterprise-wide security
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Integration with other management and control systems in the company
  • Custom Reports
  • Savings on extra staff who keep records manually
  • Better control of visitors
  • Management indicators for decision making


  • Multiple authentication methods: Digital coal, smart card, key or combination of any method.
  • Integrated CMOS camera to record the photo of the user being registered
  • Video camera integrable to an external monitor or video surveillance system
  • Modules for 500 to 20,000 users
  • Embedded software without extra installations on PC's
  • Outdoor use with water and dust protection
  • Optical sensor with high resolution 500DPI
  • Encrypted communication for data protection

At present, Kontrola dostępu systems are the most used, they are designed to protect the property, health and life of the people in a building. They are popular because they have a lot of applications, their construction is very simple and they have relatively low cost of production. Access control systems reduce the risk of loss related to the theft of property or information. These devices also allow to store the data about the movement of people in a building and also allow to estimate the amount of people in case of an emergency evacuation of the building.​

The corresponding configuration of the system allows us to systematize the movement of people in the building. In the system, it is possible to grant privileges of access to certain areas only for the selected people, as well as allows to realize the statistics of the entrances and exits of the building.​


  • Factories
  • Business
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Public sector

Along with the access control system you can use the electric locking system, electromagnetic lock, blow bar. These solutions are also related to the use of a proximity card or biometric readers. Access control systems protect these areas from unauthorized access and give a high level of security.​ Check out this article: Differences Between Kontrola Dostepu And Assistance Control

Increasingly, access control systems also appear in kindergartens and schools, in order to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Special applications used for example in kindergartens, record the child's stay in kindergartens and allow to calculate the fee to pay for the stay due to recorded data.​

Access control systems are mandatory in buildings of necessary protection and also in accordance with the law are used in case of organizing large events. The proper Kontrola dostępu settings allow you to cooperate with the fire alarm system, allowing you to perform an effective evacuation in the case of a threat.​

Biofinger Kontrola dostępu

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