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I got the error code 080004005 that locked me out of my system once I reach the log-in screen. Help :(Well, to be frank sometimes I do blame Streamyx for their lousy internet service but there is not much information about broadband service that can beat what tmnet is offering (if they exist).

Currently, tmnet is doing a promotion to attract more customers to subscribe to their broadband service (Streamyx) by giving a way a HP (Hawlett-Packard) personal computer worths RM 1500 per subscription. It is not a high-end computer, but should be enough for people who want to do only word processing, surfing and blogging.

Subscription is only available via HP Contact Center 1 800 88 9799

(Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm) Hurry! Promotion ends 31 January 2007

You can also choose to have a HP notebook, but the amount that you will pay per month for Streamyx 1.0 Mbps unlimited broadband service is RM 139. There is also an option for those who want to upgrade the free pc. You can contact HP Contact Center at 1 800 88 9799 to learn more about the process. (This is not a sponsored post by the way,hehe!)