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Microsoft Windows Defender is formerly known as microsoftanispyware. Build for Windows Operating System(but did not work with Windows 200 anymore) by Windows OS vendor, this software should be your first defend againts spyware, trojan, and malware. To download and use it, you will need to validate your copy of Windows XP. This link will bring you to the Microsoft site to start the process. You can also update your Windows XP genuinely by referring to this tutorial .




To get the best of three software above, you need to download their definition at least once a week. Install an anti-virus on your computer as a partner for the anti-spyware program. A good surfing habit must be practised to prevent the attack. Here are the list.


Five tips on spyware, malware, and trojan prevention:


  1. Do not visit adult website trough advertisement


  1. Popups advertisement should be avoided. By using Mizilla Firefox internet browser and the lastest Internet Explorer 7, you can avoid pop-up easily.


  1. Do not install software without scanning it with an antivirus tool first.


  1. Always monitor your startup programs. Delete unknown process from the list. Go to run, type msconfig, and run the startup editor.


  1. Scan your computer for spyware and virus at least one time per week.


  1. Becareful when installing a shareware. Many shareware nowadays included spyware/adaware bundled in the program.Here are the two popular WordPress plugin that help you to collect the stat of your blog. The first one is Google Analytics and Feeburner Reports plugin while the second one is Slimstat.