Mobile App Reseller Benefits

Mobile app Reseller program is a web platform where any company can easily create and manage their native application for Android and iPhone mobile phones without the need for any technical or programming knowledge. Be a marketing agency, a developer, a graphic designer, and look for a way to offer additional services to your customers. Mobile App Reseller is your best choice!

Mobile Loyalty App Reseller

The mobile application is the perfect tool for marketing and promotion for your business. Mobile apps are software programs designed to achieve those defined tasks. It is thanks to them you can check your phone messages, make a bank transfer or order a pizza.

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Applications not only facilitate and organize our lives, but also fulfill a significant role of information and marketing for any business. Thanks to them, business owners can attract new customers, increase profits, and to facilitate efficient and effective communication with clients or colleagues.

What is the difference between the website and the mobile application?

Mobile Website

– Works on all phones (regardless of the operating system).
– Needs constant access to the internet to work.
– Limited functionality. No access to native smartphone.
– Limited speed depends on the speed of the Internet.
– Install directly from your browser. There is no need to have an account in the app store. (see my blogger page)

Mobile Application

– Advanced functionality and extensive use.
– High-speed operation. It does not need the internet to work.
– It is a great marketing and promotional tool.
– Ability to send free messages to customers.
– Created for a specific operating system.
– Install the app store.
– Applicability GEO coupons.

Mobile Applications Benefits

Here are some of the important advantages of mobile applications:

New customers

With the mobile app, you can easily get new customers, who are looking for services and products using a smartphone.

Profit growth

In connection with getting new clients increase the profit. Customers quickly find information that affects their satisfaction and propensity to buy.

Company image

With the mobile app, you create a professional image for your business, taking care of the welfare and customer satisfaction.

Push Notification

One of the most important advantages of the application. It gives the ability to send text messages to all smartphones on which the application is installed. (see youtube channel)

GEO Coupons

This function automatically sends messages to customers within a certain distance, eg. Your business.

Loyalty cards

Meet similar functions as paper loyalty cards, except that everything is done using a smartphone and applications.

Lowering costs

With advanced to configuration Push Notification GEO Coupons, Loyalty Cards, and other applications reduce the cost of marketing and promotion.

Competitive advantage

You gain an advantage over competitors who do not yet have a mobile application.


With the mobile app, you can point the customer how to get to your business. The customer receives tips from the place where currently located.

Mobiroller Mobile App Reseller Program

Creating an App is easy and fast – for this no programming skills are needed.  You can create Apps with Mobiroller App maker platform and sell them to your customers under your own brand. With the permit system, you will be able to configure the platform exactly as you need it to be effective before your business. You can get support from Mobiroller app.

Be a part of Mobiroller mobile app reseller program for free.

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