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Google Analytics and Feeburner Reports plugin


Have you ever wonder how you could combine the report of two most reportsessential web analytic tool nowadays (Google Analytics and Feedburner) into a single page of your WordPress admin panel where you can view it in 2 or 3 seconds? Google Analytics and Feeburner Reports plugin by tan tan noodle will help us to accomplish that. This is the description from the publisher:


WordPress by default doesn’t come with any sort of web site reporting tools (and it really shouldn’t). So if you want to know how many people visited your site, which pages they viewed, or where they came from, you’ll need to either rely on your raw web logs or use an online tracking service provided by a third party. There are many different third party web tracking services out there, but the two free and popular third party solutions that I highly recommend are Google Analytics (for web traffic) and Feedburner (for syndicated traffic).


If youre the one who like to check blogs stat everyday (like me) this plugin really come in handy. It help you to grab data from Google Analytics and Feedburner if you have registered with the two analytical service.



How to use: Download the plugin and uncompress. Upload it to your WordPress plugin folder, and then activate it via the plugin page in administrator area. Go to reports and set it up according to your Google Analytics and Feedburner account id. Finish!Previously, I have written an introduction post for Ad-Aware , one of the best spyware scanning tool in the internet. The thing that is going to be share today is a tutorial that helps you optimize your Ad-Aware SE Personals scanning, how to make it faster and more reliable.


Here how it works. You are going to install Ad-Aware tweakse Plugin for an access to other features of Ad-Aware and tweak the settings. Download the plugin. Install it and run Ad-Aware. Then, follow the steps below: