What Is Pegasus Opera II?

What Is Pegasus Opera II?

Pegasus Opera II is the redevelopment of Opera which was one of the UK’s most successful accounting software packages. Opera II is a system based package for Microsoft giving business and accounting software. The software has been created to compete with technology which is always evolving in today’s competitive markets. It addresses all the real issues which face a finance department in a company.

Pegasus Opera II uses Microsoft Visual Fox Pro which helps the processes take place; this may add the edge to your business which can help you against your competitors. It allows you to analyze quickly your business facts and see what developing trends may be appearing, with this information you can make decisions which will be a direct profit to your business. You can also create reports that are concise, detailed as much as you want them to be and also you can give a snapshot view of this.

There are different functions within Pegasus Opera II and you as a business can decide on what functionality you want and need for your individual business tailoring the software for yourself. The software is easy to use and to navigate around and also helps minimize human errors. Customers of your business can view prices, their order status and account history information through the e-commerce part of the software.

Pegasus Opera II doesn’t just have one package to suit every business but different packages to suit different sizes of business which is a fabulous idea.

• Pegasus Opera II for Small Business – this package is a smaller version of the software, but has all the standard functionality but scales down on the analysis and management reporting than Enterprise.

• Pegasus Opera II Enterprise – has all the core functionality of the software including analysis functions which are combined with alerting and scheduling tolls as well as flexible reporting. It also has the following functions: Powerful and Flexible Analysis, Order Fulfillment, Inventory and Manufacturing, Payroll and Human Resources, Real Time Reporting Technology and Sophisticated Financial Reporting.

• Pegasus Opera II Enterprise SQL – Opera Enterprise is made for larger businesses and Opera Enterprise works on Microsoft SQL 2000 Database.

Opera II also can offer Payroll and Human Resources, Manufacturing and eCommerce help and guidance so why buy any other software package this has it all.

If you want help with your financial and business management why not invest in Pegasus Opera II, it will help put you in control of your business also ensuring your business operated effectively and to its maximize productivity. Opera II will grow with your business so you don’t have to keep buying new software every year. Companies who have already took the plunge and are now using Opera II are Brita water Filter Systems, Charles Worthington, Next Plc and Douwe Egbert UK Ltd, so why don’t you give it ago today.

Some of the reviews of Opera II say it’s the most versatile and user-friendly Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources, Manufacturing and eCommerce solution from Pegasus.